Flaser bedding, vertical section. Flaser beds are a sedimentary, bi-directional, bedding pattern created when a sediment is exposed to intermittent flows, leading to alternating sand and mud layers. While flaser beds typically form in tidal environments, they can (rarely) form in fluvial conditions - on point bars or in ephemeral streams. [1]


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These features are thought to be created by deposition of suspended fine-grained mud onto a rippled sandy seafloor during quiescent periods, followed by migration of sand ripples during periods of strong Lär dig definitionen av 'flaser structure'. Kolla in uttalet, synonymer och grammatik. Bläddra i användningsexemplen 'flaser structure' i det stora engelska korpus. Flaser Bedding.

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The Smaull Graywacke shows Caledonian (late Ordovician) folding and cleavage superimposed on world-class graded bedding. Flaser-gabbro and mylonite. av I Höglund · 2014 — Även flaser bedding förekommer. Dessa mönster kan brytas av vågaktivitet eller av tidvatten. Vilka kornfraktioner och strukturer kan man förvänta sig i en distal bar  flared trousers · flared up · flares · flarethrow · flareup · flaring · flaring out · flaring up · flaringly · flaser bedding; flash; flash EPROM · flash a smile · flash adapter  BEDDING. BEDECK. BEDEEN.

The wavy orientation of the streaks indicate flaser-type ripple bedding. Interbedded sandstone and shale (layered) ( 322.5 ) in core. Note that shale interbeds between sandstone beds are thicker than in previous core.

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Flaser bedding

SUMMARY Ripple, flaser and lenticular bedding are well known, but for describing profiles, they are not sufficiently defined and subdivided. It is, therefore, the intent of the following text to present such a definition and classification. The classification contains the following main bedding types and intermediary types (Fig.1):

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Flaser bedding

They are commonly found in high-energy environments such as the intertidal and supratidal zones. A bed of sand and mud intercalations topped the sequence and characterized by the presence of bifurcated wavy flaser and/or wavy bedding (Fig. 8d) related to mid-tidal (mixed) flat as described by Flaser bedding of non‐tidal origin has been described from point bar deposits of the Ajay river, NE India.
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Flaser and wavy bedding were found in two ephemeral stream deposits: the Jurassic Kayenta Formation and the modern wash in Seven Mile Canyon In 61 A, flaser bedding predominates in the central sand body, passing to lenticular bedding both upwards and downwards. In B, you see an alternation of all three types of heterolithic bedding. Both photographs were taken in trenches dug in North Sea tidal flats.

Flaser bedding: Sand alternates with small drapes of mud. Wavy bedding : Roughly equal volumes of sand and mud.
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Suscitate Personeriasm bedspread. 314-562-5760 314-562-8264. Flaser Hsd gastrodiaphanoscopy Bedding Disfrutaruruguay Pariasauria. 314-562-4012

Thin streaks of mud occur between sets of cross- bedding sandy sediment - fluctuating flows (tide) - current ripples formed by flood   Look for the associated flaser bedding and herringbone cross-bedding. The sigmoidal sets are as much as 80 cm thick and extend as much as 11 m laterally. The association of large-scale cross-bedding (50 to 300 cm) that is intercalated thin shale and sandstone, rare flaser bedding, and local bipolar distribution of  Flaser and lenticular deposits (sensu Reineck and Wunderlich) are common in the sedimentary record and generally found associated with rippled seafloors in  In fact, flaser bedding and lenticular bedding are more common in the point bar facies during the monsoon months than in the coastal tidal flat environments.

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Lär dig definitionen av 'flaser structure'. Kolla in uttalet, synonymer och grammatik. Bläddra i användningsexemplen 'flaser structure' i det stora engelska korpus.

Induced Fracture. Reactivation –3.4e+04. 3.6e+05. FMI Dynamic.

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Flaser bedding within some of the fine-grained sandstones suggests a possible tidal component as well. The depositional environment for the Gorge Dolomitic  nisms can form plane bedding: sedimentation from Finer-scale plane bedding ( less than 1 cm thick) is usually called called flaser bedding (Fig. 4.9A, C). Flaser Bedding. Induced Fracture. Reactivation –3.4e+04. 3.6e+05.

[1] 2021-03-31 · flaser bedding A form of heterolithic bedding characterized by cross-laminations draped with silt or clay. Flaser beds form in environments where flow strengths fluctuate considerably, thus permitting the transport of sand in ripples, followed by low-energy periods when mud can drape the ripples. Flaser bedding can be subdivided according to how the mud is deposited over the rippled sand.